Royal Veterinary College

The Fulbright Royal Veterinary College Award covers the first year of any master's or doctoral degree programme offered by the university.

The Royal Veterinary College has a successful record of training North American students and can count several hundred American and Canadian graduates as alumni. Founded in 1791, the RVC was the first veterinary school in the UK, and the driving force behind the establishment of the nation’s veterinary profession.

The first four students were admitted in January 1792, and ever since the RVC has been at the forefront of teaching and research in veterinary and allied sciences.

The RVC was the first UK veterinary school to:

  • Submit a woman for membership to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
  • Become an independent veterinary school within a federal university
  • Be accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Introduce a degree in Veterinary Nursing
  • Establish a Centre for Lifelong and Independent Veterinary Education.

In addition to research programmes, the RVC offers postgraduate taught degree programmes in:

  • One Health (Infectious Diseases)
  • Veterinary Epidemiology
  • Wild Animal Biology
  • Wild Animal Health
  • Veterinary Education
  • Science Education

Grant amount

Full tuition waiver

£21,286 living stipend

$1500 travel stipend

The living stipend is intended as a contribution towards general maintenance costs towards the first year in the UK.

In the UK, master's degrees are typically one-year programmes (full-time) and PhDs are three-year programmes (full-time).

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