Northumbria University

The Fulbright Northumbria University Award covers the full cost of tuition and stipend for a one-year Master's in arts and design programmes. 

Northumbria University, ranked in the top 40 in The Guardian 2024 Best UK Universities, is a research-intensive university that unlocks potential for all, changing lives regionally, nationally and internationally.  

Northumbria University is based in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, regularly voted the best UK student City for students, small enough to be familiar, safe and homely, but big enough to live! 

At Northumbria University, arts and design come together to create a leading centre for creative education and collaborative research. From creating fine art to conserving it; from graphic design to film, fashion, performance and television, through to communication design, creative and cultural industries management, and responsible innovation, you will be joining a community committed to making a difference in the world through creative practice and responsible design. 

Our graduates make significant contributions to the social, cultural, and political futures of local, national and international spaces. Graduates are found far beyond the cultural and design sectors, in areas such as business, health and life sciences, politics, education, and digital technologies. 

Grant amount

Full tuition waiver

£19,027 living stipend

$1500 travel stipend

The living stipend is intended as a contribution towards general maintenance costs towards the first year in the UK.

In the UK, master's degrees are typically one-year programmes (full-time) and PhDs are three-year programmes (full-time).

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