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The Fulbright Postgraduate Student Award at the University of Maryland presents a graduate student from the United Kingdom the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree at the School of Public Policy, renowned for nurturing compassionate leaders, advancing knowledge and fostering innovation in policy and governance. This award supports interdisciplinary research and serves as a catalyst for championing the public good on local, national and global levels.


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The University of Maryland School of Public Policy is a nationally-recognized leader in policy education, nestled within a top-tier research university. Ranked among the top 25 public affairs graduate programs by U.S. News & World Report, it serves as the perfect platform for shaping the next generation of policy leaders. Situated in the Washington, DC metro area, the School provides an unparalleled advantage for students to engage directly with policymakers and immerse themselves in the heart of the nation’s political landscape. Here, you will find thousands of organizations that call the region home, from small nonprofits to some of the largest global institutions. Whatever your interests, you can study and practice them here at the forefront of public policy.


In the classroom, internationally-renowned expert faculty who are both scholars and practitioners provide mentorship and guidance, drawing from influential positions in all sectors of business and government. Through hands-on experiential courses, students tackle real-world policy challenges, honing their skills and expertise. Beyond the classroom, students collaborate with policymakers and shapers throughout the region and across the globe. 

The School of Public Policy is more than an institution; it’s a hub for molding future leaders and driving meaningful change. We empower students to confront the most pressing issues of our time head-on. Change the world. It’s our policy.

Grant amount and details

This award covers up to two years of study beginning in academic year 2025-26:

Full tuition: Tuition remission for up to ten (10) credits each semester in both fall and spring semesters for the admitted student.

Application fee: Application fee will be waived for the admitted student.

Living expenses: The Fulbright Commission will provide a grant to the admitted student of up to $30,000 USD to cover living expenses.

Graduate assistantship: A 10-hour/week graduate assistantship position with stipend

School of Public Policy Fellowship: Fellowship will be applied each semester and can be used to pay the differential between the standard campus tuition rate and the SPP tuition rate. This may be taxable.

Health Insurance: Admitted student is eligible for health insurance through the graduate assistantship. Admitted student can choose to enroll in the highly subsidized state employee health plan or opt for the student health plan, both of which require payment by the student.

Note that other student fees may remain and vary in cost but will be the responsibility of the student.

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