Distinguished Awards in Teaching Programme for International Teachers

This programme brings UK teachers and/or education professionals to the United States for a semester to pursue individual or group projects, audit courses for professional development at a host university, and observe and share their expertise with teachers and students.

The Distinguished Award in Teaching Program for International Teachers runs for approximately five months (August 2025 to December 2025) and includes:

  • Travel costs (international and some domestic)
  • Accommodation, maintenance allowance, and meal stipend
  • Opportunity to participate an End of Program workshop in Washington DC
  • Sickness and accident coverage
  • Visa guidance
  • Pre-departure support
  • Support in the USA
  • Access to a global alumni network of collaborative engagement and cultural diplomacy, with over 300,000 academically and professionally accomplished members.
  • Contribution of up to £15,000 to the awardee's employer school to help with the cost of covering the teachers position for five months

Please note, applications are open for 2025.

To be eligible to apply for a Distinguished Award in Teaching, applicants must:

  • Be full-time primary and secondary educators, including classroom teachers, guidance counselors, curriculum specialists, library media specialists, special education coordinators, administrators and others who spend at least half of their time interacting with students
  • Have five years of full-time teaching experience or working with students in another capacity
  • Have a proven track record of professional development activities and leadership
  • Be citizen and resident of participating Fulbright DAI country
  • Meet other requirements as indicated in the application

Dual US-UK citizens, US Green Card holders, or individuals who are resident in the US at the time of application are ineligible to apply.

Non-UK citizens are typically required to apply through the Commission/Post in their country of citizenship, but as not all Commissions run this programme, applications from non-UK citizens based in the UK and committed to a life and career in the UK may also be considered. Applicants in this category should contact the US-UK Fulbright Commission (programmes@fulbright.org.uk) before making an application.

The US-UK Fulbright programme aims to foster cultural understanding between our two countries. Preference may therefore be given to applicants who do not have extensive experience (six months or longer) in the USA.

Applicants with extensive US experience should explain in detail how further experience in the USA will fulfil the Fulbright mission in ways that their prior visits did not.

How to apply

UK Distinguished Teaching Awards application instructions

What we're looking for

We assess more than the intellectual merit of proposals. The best applications are from well-rounded applicants who can demonstrate:

  • Strong proposals and/or research projects
  • Ambassadorial skills and intercultural sensitivity 
  • Genuine desire to learn more about the USA and to share aspects of British culture
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Community involvement
  • Leadership potential
  • Plans to further the Fulbright mission and give back to the UK upon returning

Educators who are selected for the programme will:

  • Participate in courses at a US host university.
  • Observe classes, co-teach, and share their expertise with US colleagues in US elementary or secondary schools.
  • Design and complete an individual or group inquiry project of direct relevance to their educational practice.
  • Participate in an online professional learning community with other participants to share best practices and other elements of host and home country educational systems
  • Engage in education and cultural activities while on programme in the United States

Getting started

Please review the application guide before your start your online application. This is also where you'll find the link to apply.

Application instructions

The online application, via IREX, is used by Fulbright programmes around the world. Refer to the application guide for any questions you have while completing the application. Please note that we are using the online application only and you do not have to check in with the Commission first to confirm this. The online application will require you to upload the following additional documents:

You will also need to complete this Supplemental Form, in addition to the online application. This is a requirement for your application to be considered eligible. 

The deadline for applications is 6 May at 5pm GMT.


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Fulbright Awards Webinar: Distinguished Awards in Teaching for International Teachers

Application Timeline

6 May 2024

Applications close

June 2024

Shortlisted candidates interviewed

Spring/Summer 2025

Pre-departure orientation

August 2025

Departure to the US