UK Postgraduate Awards: IIE Placement

The Institute of International Education (IIE) will provide you with expert, personalised guidance to find the academic fit for you on your Fulbright Award to the US. 

With this placement model, you can apply for a Fulbright Award without having to choose which US university to apply to. Instead, the IIE will help you find the right institution for you, providing you with a set of expertly sourced best-fit options, and support you during the application and submission process.

You can find out more about the IIE placement model by watching this webinar

What support will I get through the IIE Placement?

By choosing IIE Placement, you will be in a stronger position to find a university that is the right academic and personal fit.

  • IIE Placement staff members are field of study experts
  • The IIE’s approach is individualised
  • IIE has a strong track record of securing admissions and cost-sharing

The IIE will help successful candidates choose a host university, and you won’t have to complete applications for your chosen US institutions – they will review your Fulbright application. Your Advisor will recommend up to five programmes depending on your level of study.

The IIE will also place you in a better position to negotiate financial packages with your host university, to help you manage the cost of your education. The IIE will handle financial package negotiations on your behalf, and will cover the cost of your admission and test fees. 

Successful candidates will be paired with IIE Advisors in early autumn, after the Fulbright Commission finalise the selection process. 

The Fulbright Opportunity Fund will be available to selected candidates for the IIE Placement. This fund is designed to provide financial support for students who are selected to receive a Fulbright Award, but who cannot afford to fully fund their US study after exhausting all options to find funding. Find out more about the Fulbright Opportunity Fund

Can I apply for an All Disciplines Award through IIE Placement?

Yes, you can apply for an All Disciplines Award with this model. Visit our how to apply page for details on the application process.

Can I apply for a Partner Award through IIE Placement?

You cannot apply for an institution-specific Partner Award through IIE Placement. However, if the Partner Award is not specific to a particular US institution, then you can apply through IIE Placement. Please review each Partner Award page for details on whether the Award can be applied for through IIE Placement.

The IIE Placement option is right for me. How do I apply?

In your online application, you must select the award you are applying for. Your Award selection will indicate whether the Award is IIE Placement or Independent Placement.

Visit our how to apply page for details on the application process.

N.B. Please note If you choose the IIE placement option and then decide to go to an institution which is not suggested by the IIE, you will no longer be able to participate in the Fulbright programme.