Postgraduate Award Application Instructions

We are looking for applicants who can engage with the USA in an atmosphere of openness, academic integrity and intellectual freedom, thereby promoting mutual understanding.

Academic excellence is important, but we are looking for more than that. The best applications are from well-rounded students who can demonstrate:

  • Strong academic proposals and/or research projects
  • Ambassadorial skills
  • Intercultural sensitivity 
  • Genuine desire to learn more about the USA and to share aspects of British culture
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Community involvement
  • Leadership potential
  • Plans to further the Fulbright mission and give back to the UK upon returning

The US-UK Fulbright Commission is committed to growing the numbers of applications and participants in the UK Fulbright Postgraduate programme from under-represented groups and to continuing fair access to the programme. We recognise that, even with a Fulbright award, the cost of taking up a US Education is a barrier for many UK students.

Students who are selected to receive a Fulbright Award, but who cannot afford to fully fund their US study, will be able to apply for additional financial support through the Fulbright Opportunity Fund. We encourage applications from students of all backgrounds to apply for Fulbright Awards and believe the Opportunity Fund will help students overcome the financial barriers which may prevent them from taking up an Award.

Choosing an Award

Applicants can only apply for one award. There are several Postgraduate Awards available each year. The All Disciplines Award is by far the most competitive, so it's important to apply for an Award that best fits your experience and interests.

Choosing a US university

Selection committees and interview panels will be looking for clear reasons for selecting your US university preference. We expect candidates to conduct a thorough university search and to identify institutions that are a strong fit for their academic, personal and professional goals.

When choosing the US universities to apply to, applicants are encouraged to be open-minded and flexible, and consider the many excellent universities throughout the US. We specifically encourage applicants to look beyond the Ivy League institutions. If you are applying to an Ivy League institution, we require you to explain why you have chosen to apply to an Ivy League over another excellent institution in the US.

You may find Fulbright's EducationUSA resources helpful in identifying universities which are a good fit.


Applications are open until 8 November 2021, 5pm GMT.

Please consult the UK-specific instructions available below to locate the application portal link and essential guidance on what your application should include.

Please note that we have a different deadline for the British Friends of Harvard Business School Award and the Brown University Award.

1. Review the UK-specific application information:

2. Complete an online application. The online application includes:

  • Biographical information
  • Academic, professional and extracurricular accomplishments
  • Study/Research Objective
  • Personal statement
  • Details of the US institution(s) to which you will apply
  • Three referee nominations

The online application requires you to upload the following required documents:

  • Scanned passport photo page
  • CV
  • Official final and/or interim transcripts
  • US university admission letter (if applicable)
  • Creative writing or artwork sample (if applicable)

3. Complete the separate online US-UK Fulbright Commission Supplemental Form. You can access the form here. The link is also available in the Application Instructions.

This is a required part of the application for all applicants, and your application will be considered incomplete without it.

3a. If you are submitting an application with a 2:2 undergraduate result, you must additionally complete the 2:2 Undergraduate Result Form. The link is also available in the Application Instructions.

We may accept applications from individuals with a 2:2 overall result in some exceptional cases. We will evaluate these applications separately and on a case by case basis will determine if the application will be included in the competition.

4. You must make a separate application to your chosen US institution(s), the timeline and deadlines for which will vary from the Fulbright application.

University and graduate programme application guidance is available from our EducationUSA advising centre. You do not need to have applied to a US university before submitting your Fulbright application, but must receive an offer of admissions from the institution(s) nominated in your proposal to receive your Fulbright grant if successful. 


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a panel interview. Interviews will take place in February in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast. The location, date and time will be confirmed in your interview invitation. Postgraduate Student Award interviews are conducted in person and cannot be rescheduled.


All applicants will be informed of their application outcome by mid-March. The Fulbright Commission cannot comment or provide feedback on individual applications.


During this year's award competition we are running a series of webinars for potential Fulbright applicants.

The first webinar - "Getting Started" - includes an overview of the awards we offer, an outline of the benefits of a Fulbright award and tips on what you can do before starting your Fulbright application. It is followed by a Q&A with alumni.

We will be running subsequent webinars this year.

For the meantime, please refer to some of our 2020 advice webinars. Find out more about our postgraduate awards:


Partner Awards are those linked to professional bodies, charitable organisations or US university partners. These awards can be in a specific discipline or based at a particular institution. Find out more about our Fulbright Partner Awards: