UK Postgraduate Awards: Independent Placement

If you have a specific institution – or several institutions – that you wish to apply to on your own, then Independent Placement is the model for you.

Choosing the right university for you requires plenty of research. Make sure your chosen institution(s) will suit your proposed study objectives, as well as considering academics, finances and personal fit. For more guidance on choosing a US institution, review our EducationUSA advice pages.

Please note that the Fulbright Opportunity Fund will not be available to selected candidates for Independent Placement. The Fulbright Opportunity Fund is only available to selected candidates for IIE Placement. 

Can I apply for an All Disciplines Award through Independent Placement?

Yes, you can apply for an All Disciplines Award with this model.

Can I apply for a Partner Award through Independent Placement?

You can apply for any Partner Award through the Independent Placement. 

Independent Placement is right for me. How do I apply?

In your online application, you must select the award you are applying for. Your Award selection will indicate whether the Award is IIE Placement or Independent Placement.

Visit our how to apply page for details on the application process.