The US Doctor of Medicine (MD) is one of the most competitive programmes in the world. It is only studied at the postgraduate level. International students account for roughly 1.5% of all medical students in the USA.

Some medical schools have an international admissions rate of 0%.

Domestic applicants will often have completed:

  • Competitive undergraduate pre-medicine degree programmes
  • Extensive work experience and extracurricular activities
  • High Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) scores

There are a few reasons why the MD is not recommended for British students without permanent residency in the USA:

  1. It does not necessarily qualify you to practise medicine in the UK
  2. There is little non-loaned MD funding for international students (it can cost over $250,000 to attend medical school in the USA)
  3. After you complete the MD, there is no guarantee of a job and/or visa sponsorship

For these reasons, many British students prefer to study medicine in the UK and then apply for a postdoctoral fellowship in the USA. Medical schools will often have details of these online.