You will benefit by starting this process early. You should plan adequately for the time and effort involved. Make a calendar of deadlines to track what you need to do and when it needs to be completed.

Start early, plan ahead, and know the application requirements. Application packages require a great deal of preparation and planning.

In the USA, application requirements can vary greatly from one institution to another. Check the specific requirements on the website of each institution’s international admissions office. Undergraduate applications are typically due between November and January to enrol the following autumn.

Things to know

  • Unlike UCAS, you apply to each US university separately
  • Over 600 US institutions use the Common Application, an online portal to help you manage each application
  • Universities will have their own application deadlines, fees and requirements
  • You apply to the university, college or school as an undergraduate, not to a specific degree
  • Offers of admission aren’t specifically conditional - if they admit you, they expect you to continue working towards your current level, but won’t specify required grades

The slightly longer applications allow you to fully express and discuss why you are a suitable applicant. Each part of your application is taken in context and reviewed holistically.

If you’ve done your research and have chosen suitable universities, you stand every chance of being an attractive applicant to the admissions committee. More British students study in the USA than anywhere else in the world, for good reason: we want to study there, and they want us on their campuses.

Follow the guides within this section to learn about each requirement in detail, how admissions decisions are made, and what you should be doing during the year in order to apply effectively.