Global Challenges Teaching Awards

The Global Challenges Teaching Award supports US and UK higher education institution teaching faculty to co-deliver a virtual exchange course for undergraduate students. 

The calamity of COVID-19 has disrupted every dimension of our lives across the globe. Racial injustice persists in society. Climate change continues to melt glaciers and wreak extreme weather and havoc around the globe. Tackling these global challenges requires global collaboration. International education exchange is one tried and tested way of bringing minds together, but traditional, in-person exchange, is under severe economic and environmental pressure and, crucially, is not a viable option for everyone. 

The Global Challenges Teaching Awards support pairs of teaching faculty – one at a US higher education institution (HEI), one at a UK HEI – to co-deliver a virtual exchange programme for undergraduates between their two universities. There are three awards available focusing on three specific global challenges: 

The award is open to faculty across the UK and US and selected grantees will take part in a year-long programme to support the development and delivery of a virtual exchange course.

How does it work?

Successful applicants will be matched with a UK/US partner and introduced to one another at a virtual orientation in February. The virtual exchange course will be developed through a combination of online collaboration and in-person exchanges with your partner institution. Successful applicants will be matched with their UK/US partner and introduced to one another at a virtual orientation in February. After initial collaboration online, the first group of grantees will fly out in spring to visit their partners campus and continue to develop the course in-person.


Commencing March 2022, all grantees will receive training in Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) pedagogy from the American Council on Education (ACE) Virtual Exchange/COIL Transformation Lab which will include intensive online courses for faculty instructors and senior academic/international education administrators, customized mentored guidance, and online campus check-ins leading up to the virtual exchange course implementation. Building upon its role as the only umbrella organization to represent the entire US higher education sector, ACE is committed to incentivizing higher education interconnectivity through virtual exchange. ACE has promoted COIL for over 15 years as an innovative way to maximize global learning outcomes and growth opportunities to reach all students, both now and in the future.

In Summer 2022, the second in-person exchange will take place so that both grantees have a good understanding of each other’s institution. The course will be advertised and ready for delivery by the autumn/fall of 2022.

The US-UK Fulbright Commission will support our Global Challenge Teachers every step of the way. We have over 70 years of experience in conducting educational exchanges between the United Kingdom and the United States and our staff will be on hand to assist the development and delivery of these virtual exchange courses. We will schedule regular catch ups with each teaching pairing to ensure the course is ready by late summer. We will be on hand to answer queries and have resources to support your own institution through this process. You will also receive ongoing mentoring from the American Council on Education after the initial training has been completed.

A successful application will receive:

  • An honorarium of $5000/£3750 for the awardee (faculty member). This can be spent however faculty see fit and can be used to support Teaching Assistant travel. The honorarium will be paid out in two payments, the first at the start of the training, the second on completion of the training.
  • A technical support fee of $2500/£2000 for the awardee’s higher education institution. This will be payable on completion of the training
  • Travel for the awardee and a member of administrative staff to the US/UK to visit their partner institution, up to a value of $5600/£4000

Award timeline

  • January 2022 – Confirmation of selected grantees
  • February 2022 – Virtual orientation for whole cohort
  • February-August 2022 – Monthly check-ins with working groups for each award
  • Spring 2022 – ACE COIL training
  • Spring/Summer 2022 – Exchanges between HEI pairings
  • August 2022 – All course details finalised and virtual exchange course ready for delivery
  • Academic year 2022/23 – virtual exchange course takes place

Interested in applying?

This year's application cycle is now closed. 

Ahead of the next application cycle, you can find out more about our awards on the Racial Justice, Pandemics and Climate Change award pages.

If you have any other questions about the next application cycle, please email us.

See more about our 2022/23 grantees here.