Fulbright Distinguished Lecture 2021 with Professor Devi Sridhar

Preventing the Next Pandemic: What have we learned about international health collaboration and what needs to change?

To answer these questions, Dr Devi Sridhar, Professor of Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh, will examine the historical roots of international cooperation in health and the subsequent creation of the World Health Organisation in the aftermath of World War II. The WHO’s existence is rooted in outbreak management across borders. And yet in the hyperconnected world of 2020-21, global cooperation broke down illustrated by divergent & nationally-driven strategies on COVID-response, vaccine nationalism and hoarding by rich countries, and tense political fractures over the origins of COVID-19. Can we rectify these gaps moving forward? That is what Dr Sridhar will examine in this thought-provoking lecture that will also offer reflections on how – when the next pandemic comes – we can do better.


Date: Friday 19 November 2021

Time: 5PM (UK time)


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