Rutgers University-Newark

The Fulbright Rutgers University-Newark Award allows academics and professionals to teach and pursue research on issues of the contemporary urban environment.

The Honors Living Learning Community is an innovative approach to higher education founded by Rutgers University-Newar in 2015. Through revolutionizing honours, cultivating talent and engaging communities the Honors Living Learning Community is engaged in the mission of providing continued opportunity and prosperity to all, including those who have been disenfranchised by systems of inequality.

The Fulbright-Rutgers University-Newark Scholar Award will support one scholar to spend a semester as part of the Honors Living Learning Community. Residence in the community will be provided. The selected scholar will teach and conduct research in any one of the University’s departments or schools with a focus on the issues of the contemporary urban environment.  The scholar should also engage in outreach with students and faculty about international education opportunities. As a part of their grant activities, the chosen scholar will also work on the design and delivery of at least one week-long “flash course”.

Grant amount

This grant can cover one semester of 4 months.

The award supports, in particular, those with interest in teaching and learning within part of an innovative educational community.

  • Stipend: $5,000 per month*
  • Housing: Appropriate accommodation will be provided within the Honors Living Learning Community
  • University Support: an appropriate work space will be provided along with access to the library and other internal systems appropriate for adjunct faculty
  • Provision of a travel grant up to £1,500 for a round trip to the U.S. or equivalent in kind support.

*This is intended as a contribution towards any institutional fees and accommodation & maintenance costs while in the USA.

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