Zachary Lewis

Fulbright/Royal Veterinary College Award

Zachary Lewis graduated from Carleton College with a BA (with Distinction) in biology and a biochemistry minor. At Carleton, he researched female sexual dysfunction with the Meerts Lab. He then joined the Hale Lab at OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine, where he is completing his master’s degree in Comparative Biomedical Science. At OSU, Zach studies host-associated microbiota in a canine model of bladder cancer, uses bioinformatics to identify pathogens affecting American alligators, and investigates how bacteria modify carcinogens contaminating the environment.  
Zach is fascinated by wild animals, their connections to humans and the environment, and the scientific movement to improve the health of all three. As a Fulbrighter at RVC, Zach will research how genomic architecture enables certain bacteria to infect multiple host species, wild birds, domestic swine, poultry, and humans. Zach is excited to collaborate with UK stakeholders, researchers, and students to maximize scientific and cultural exchange.  
When he’s not researching animals, Zach likes talking about animals: he’s an educator with a primate conservation nonprofit and a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. In his spare time, Zach enjoys reading, running, and rock climbing. In London, he looks forward to volunteering with a local nature center and joining a queer climbing group.