Zaakir Tameez

Queen Mary, University of London Postgraduate Award, Queen Mary, University of London - Law

Zaakir graduated from the University of Virginia with bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Political & Social Thought. He will be studying for an LLM in Law and Economics. Zaakir believes deeply in inclusive economic growth, where all people have a fair share in economic prosperity. He has incorporated this mission into his studies at UVA and will continue on this trajectory at Queen Mary. At UVA, he studied economics with Professor Kenneth Elzinga, under whose supervision he completed a senior thesis on Antitrust and Big Tech. For one summer, he also interned with Professor Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel Laureate in Economics at Columbia University. At Columbia, he was a research assistant for a paper on Puerto Rican sovereign debt restructuring that was co-authored by Martin Guzman, then-professor at Columbia and now the Minister of Economy of Argentina. At Queen Mary, he will continue his work on antitrust by learning how European and British law approach competition and tech policy differently from the US. He will then take this knowledge back to the US to complete his law degree at Yale Law School.