Yvonne Zhang

All Disciplines Award, The American Film Institute Conservatory - Film Directing

After completing a foundation in video and photography at Central Saint Martins, I went on to study English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, where I focused on how stories reflect and function in a world shaped by migration and globalisation. Since then, I’ve experimented with film and animation, working to combine my video practice with my narrative focus. My short film project, CHINA PANDA, was selected for development through the Scottish Shorts programme. During my Fulbright, I’m excited to receive intensive training in the art of storytelling, an invaluable creative and practical experience, and the opportunity to develop my narrative voice and directorial style through experimentation and collaboration. My interests lie in the creation of films centred on diaspora communities, exploring the spaces in which cultures meet and interact. As a Fulbright scholar, I look forward to joining a global community built on the values of mutual understanding and cultural exchange. In a world mediated by screens and dominated by dangerously simplistic narratives, I am grateful for Fulbright’s support in helping me create on-screen stories that celebrate our differences and reveal what unites us, opening us up to empathy, and new futures.