Yasmin Nayrouz

Fulbright/University of Sussex Award

Yasmin Nayrouz graduated with a dual Bachelors in English & Textual Studies and Public Relations with a minor in Global Security Studies from Syracuse University. Yasmin’s passion for migration comes from her own family’s background as her parents immigrated from Egypt to America. Volunteering at a resettlement agency gave her a fuller picture of migration policy and the obstacles newcomers face.  
Yasmin’s experiences have prepared her for a career in advocacy for refugees and immigrants. She interned with Airbnb.org, assisting the non-profit’s mission of helping individuals impacted by large-scale crises secure temporary housing. She has also interned at an immigration law firm in Italy, learning the various migration processes. Plus, she worked on a data journalism project, analyzing and visualizing how migration policy can have a profound impact on families.  
She aims to learn more about and research how educational policies, particularly those related to language acquisition, can be improved for newcomers. She hopes to take an intersectional approach to her work instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. While addressing misconceptions surrounding migration, she strives to help newcomers integrate successfully to improve their social, economic, and mental well-being.