Winter Johnson

Fulbright/University of Kent Award

Winter graduated from DePaul University with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a minor in Irish Studies. She received the 2024 Outstanding Graduate in Anthropology Award from DePaul’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and multiple departmental awards for her undergraduate research in cultural anthropology. Winter was also published twice in DePaul’s peer-reviewed academic journal Creating Knowledge, where she wrote about the impact of communal memory and group identity in Northern Ireland and the effect of neoliberal conditions on virtual community participation. She also served as a teaching assistant within the anthropology department, where she co-managed the archaeology lab and acted as a guest lecturer.  
During her undergraduate career, Winter developed a love for studying theoretical frameworks and research methodologies and has used this background to explore her interests in identity politics and the driving factors behind group participation, including radicalization processes and ideology dissemination. By pursuing an MA in Sociology at the University of Kent, she plans to further explore the intersection between far-right ideologies and online misogynistic communities. She hopes that this research will contribute to preventative and proactive initiatives that offer alternatives to radicalization and deradicalization methods.