William Carter

All Disciplines Award, University of California, Berkeley - Geography

Right from his first day in school, William has always tried to trace the source of political authority. Receiving the best A-level results in his year, William was awarded a double scholarship to read Politics at the University of Bristol. Whilst there, he teamed up with a senior faculty member to co-found “Phillennials” to teach political philosophy to the world’s teenagers. In his three years at Bristol, William has been invited to attend Commonwealth, Council of Europe and EU policy forums as a youth delegate, expert and paid keynote speaker as well as being selected to give the final address at the closing plenary on the future of the Commonwealth.

William will use his Fulbright award to begin his PhD studies in Human Geography at the University of California, Berkeley – where he will focus on Black and Oceanic Geographies. His original thesis is on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the relationship between slave ships and the practice of throwing overboard the “dead and the dying”, the feeding patterns of sharks, and the formation of Race in the middle passage. At Berkeley, he also hopes to gain a designated emphasis [minor] in Contemporary Political Theory.