Vickie Crockett

Institute of Education, University College Education - SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

Vickie M. Crockett is an English teacher who has spent 20 years working with both middle and high school students. She has a passion for supporting marginalised student communities and her collaborative spirit has seen her support her professional colleagues as a department chair, mentor, gifted instruction liaison and professional development coach. Vickie received a dual major BA in Afro-American Studies and Political Science from Smith College in 1994, before going on to receive an MSE and EdS in Curriculum Instruction from Walden University in 2009 and 2013, respectively. She has a myriad of interests including international travel, film noir, theatre, and jazz. She also serves in her community as a grassroots advocate and organiser as well as being active in her local church.

Vickie's Fulbright project plans to study how diverse schools can use brain-based, culturally relevant strategies to promote greater academic success for marginalised learners. Vickie's goal is to use her research and findings to develop a more culturally inclusive curriculum that schools can use to better serve all students and aggressively narrow the achievement gap for non-majority students in the USA and abroad.