Tomas Arango

University of Sussex Postgraduate Award, University of Sussex - Migration Studies

Tomas graduated from Rice University with a BA in Economics and Policy Studies. As an undergraduate, he was very interested in the movement of people, and how it shapes and is shaped by political, legal, and economic systems. He has worked in academic, government, and non-governmental settings on migration, development, and human rights issues. In his free time, he volunteers with an immigration and asylum non-profit organisation interpreting asylum hearings and translating immigration documents.

He will be pursuing a Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Sussex, one of the leading development research centres in the world, where he will be seeking an MA in Migration Studies. Over the course of the grant, he hopes to learn more about UK and European migration legal and policy frameworks through Sussex’s multidisciplinary approach. Following his year in the UK, he will be attending Harvard Law School with the goal of pursuing international public interest law in the future.