Toby Clark

Fulbright All Disciplines Postgraduate Award - MA Music and Music Education - Columbia University

Navigating through life's bumpy road and uphill climbs often feels like an adventure story; fighting the obstacles of anything that is thrown their way. Teaching is often like an adventure story. We make in the moment actions that stay with a child forever, helping them fight through the monsters of life.

Furthering his passion, Clark trained to be a qualified teacher in England at the University of Reading, studying Primary Education with Music Specialism. In his degree, his devotion to improving children's lives through the power of education and music education enlightened his journey forward. While diving into the world-class education system in the UK, Clark aims to further his knowledge in another leading country in high quality education in the US.

Written in storybooks is the dream of the US and its outstanding commitment to all educational settings. Clark is interested to explore further the difference in educational practice and purpose in the US in order to further his experience which will be used to impact teacher training in the UK: the foundation of education.

Through the power of music, Clark aims to further explore teacher’s knowledge in music education which is a common issue for primary teachers in England. The Fulbright opportunity will give him experience in music education as well as immersing himself in culture and knowledge from world-class educational specialists.