Titobioluwa Williams

Northumbria University Postgraduate Award - Design

Titobioluwa, of Glendale, Arizona, graduated from Northwestern University in 2021 with a B.A. in Legal Studies, Segal Design Certificate and extensive coursework in Computer Science. Following her freshman year, Titobioluwa studied Legal Studies and Design as well as completing Computer Science coursework. She was able to combine these interests in her work at the Technology, Race, and Ethics in Education (TREE) Lab at Northwestern University to support educational initiatives towards teaching high school students about the implications of technology. Through this work, Titobioluwa designed and built an interactive web resource to help lay audiences understand how facial recognition technologies work to shine a light on some of their (mis)applications, including how they can differentially harm people of coloor. While in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Titobioluwa will pursue research and development at the intersection of product design and fashion design, focusing on its applications to health, technology, and social entrepreneurship. In her free time, Titobioluwa loves to bake, tell puns, and perform with her band. She looks forward to engaging with the Grime music scene while in the UK and learning to make English treats.