Thomas LeClair

Bangor University Postgraduate Award, Bangor University - Biology

Thomas, from Mount Vernon, Washington, will be earning an MSc in Marine Biology at Bangor University. While doing so, he hopes to learn about how human activity causes change in marine ecosystems and what measures can be taken to mitigate these effects. He is particularly interested in understanding the critical factors impacting health in cetacean species (whales and dolphins). The knowledge and skills he will gain from this experience will be put to work researching practical solutions to help create a more sustainable future.

While in Wales, Thomas plans to take full advantage of the country’s natural beauty and historic attractions. Whether exploring the coast, hiking in Snowdonia, or touring castles, he will put his free time to good use. An avid choral singer and organist, Thomas also looks forward to engaging with the musical side of Bangor and, pandemic permitting, experiencing the famous Welsh choral tradition first-hand. Following the completion of his Fulbright, Thomas intends to earn a degree in veterinary medicine, which will open the door for him to work hands-on with marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation.