Theodore Them

Fulbright-Durham University Scholar Award (All Disciplines)

What does the South Carolina coast have in common with the Cleveland Coast in the United Kingdom? If “decade’s worth of pollution buried in the sediment” was not your answer, then you should try again. Them’s Fulbright project at the world-renowned Durham Geochemistry Centre will attempt to shed led light on the distribution and sources of industrial and societal pollution along these two coastlines using a forensic geological approach. As a Fulbright Scholar, Them will be in Durham with his wife and toddler from January to August. Back in South Carolina, he is an Assistant Professor of Geology at the College of Charleston. Although he is a geologist, his research spans several disciplines within the sciences, and he is guided by the principles of how Earth “behaves” as a system over many timescales across its vast ~4.5-billion-year history. Them has also been an ardent supporter of Liverpool F.C. for over two decades, so he is excited to drag his family to a few matches at Anfield.