Teja Dusanapudi

Fulbright-Manchester Metropolitan University Postgraduate Award in Creative Writing

Teja Dusanapudi's Fulbright project will be a work of speculative fiction set in Manchester, depicting the ramifications of contemporary debates around climate and immigration. This project will draw from archival and interpersonal resources to accurately reflect Manchester's cultural and material future.

Supporting Teja are his varied experiences in writing at the University of California Davis. Having worked as a journalism fellow with the university's communications department as well as conducting academic research in the environmental humanities, Teja's overarching focus is engaging real world issues through narrative.

As a postgraduate scholar studying at Manchester Metropolitan University, Teja will engage with various research clusters focusing on topics ranging from diasporic communities in Manchester to histories of urban place and space. These resources, in tandem with the university's focused curriculum on creative literature, will provide texture and detail to Teja's Fulbright project. In his free time, Teja enjoys tennis and movies, and hopes to one day attend the Cannes film festival.