Tam Trinh

Lloyd’s Postgraduate Award, Yale University - Labor Economics

Born in Vietnam and raised in London, Tam is an economist and a policy advisor who will be studying International and Development Economics at Yale. Since her time as an Economics undergraduate at the LSE, her career has evolved significantly. She has developed strategic workforce plans for blue chip clients, overseen employment initiatives in Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour, worked alongside world experts to estimate the size of the Turkish informal economy, and worked on numerous strategic projects at the heart on HM Treasury. She feels grateful to be able to utilise her skills and knowledge through this journey to influence key decision makers and solve some of society’s most pressing issues. Tam’s experience has helped her to realise her passion for putting people at the heart of all economic and policy decisions. She is immensely excited to take this to the next level. At Yale, she plans to focus on the impact of shocks, such as trade and technology shocks on the labour market, and explore the economic opportunities and challenges for policy makers. She is eager to learn from the experts in the field, to strengthen her quantitative skills to support evidence-based policy making, whilst tapping into Fulbright’s rich and diverse network and fully immerse herself in America’s vibrant culture.