Sydney Lo

Fulbright All Disciplines Postgraduate Award - MEng Bioengineering - University of California, Berkeley

Sydney is a biotech undergrad at Imperial College London completing her final year after an industrial placement at an immunotherapy company in Oxford. This experience solidified her resolve to create scientific solutions for the betterment of the human condition. Her next academic milestone is pursuing a Master’s in Bioengineering in the United States to gain exposure to a culture generating tangible impact from scientific innovation. Her career path is yet undecided – while employing tissue engineering and synthetic biology methods for hacking the immune system is an exciting prospect, she is equally passionate about applying these approaches to commercialising cultivated meat.

Sydney is determined to embody Fulbright’s commitment to educational exchange by involving herself in STEM outreach activities as part of the Society of Women Engineers. She is also keen on exploring the food scene in California. Sydney hopes to connect with people studying a variety of disciplines, and use her foreign language skills to help forge strong bonds with them. As the advent of novel technologies blurs the lines between science, business, and policy, she hopes to come out of her studies with the skillset and confidence to navigate the biotech industry’s ever-changing landscape.