Sydney Clingo

Newcastle University Postgraduate Award - Agriculture

The subtropical oasis of the West Florida coast has nurtured the deep connection Sydney has with the diversity of life around her. While pursuing her B.A. degree in Agroecology and Environmental Studies at New College of Florida, she developed a passion for a unique food system called a forest garden, which became the topic of her undergraduate thesis. Through her research, she discovered that the western idea of these resilient food systems originated in the UK, making it the perfect location to continue her studies. With over 100 forest gardens across the UK, she will have the opportunity to visit several sites to closely examine the relationship forest garden managers have with these diverse systems. She aims to understand the impact different forest garden management styles can have on the long-term sustainability and success of these food systems. She is excited to meet other forest gardeners to learn about the unique practices that have made these systems flourish for decades throughout the UK. Sydney is looking forward to participating in local environmental clean-ups and events, becoming a member of Newcastle University’s environmental and agricultural student clubs, and creating botanical art and illustrations of the native flora.