Stuart Dunmore

Royal Society of Edinburgh Scholar Award, Harvard University - Socio-Lingiustics

Stuart is a research fellow at the University of Sussex, and also at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on the sociolinguistics of minority language use, ideology, and cultural identities, with particular reference to Celtic language communities in Britain and Canada. In 2019 his first book 'Language Revitalisation in Gaelic Scotland' was published, while his British Academy postdoctoral fellowship (2016-19) assessed the role of 'new' speakers in language learning initiatives and policy interventions in Scotland and Nova Scotia. Stuart’s Fulbright research will build on this work to examine social networks of Scottish Gaelic speakers and learners among the Nova Scotia diaspora community in Boston, and how such speakers' learning motivations and identities may compare to the better known Boston Irish diaspora. This research will inform chapters of his second monograph with Edinburgh University Press. During his scholarship Stuart will be working with distinguished colleagues in Celtic at Harvard University. He also hopes to have some time to indulge his passions for (ice) hockey and rowing.