Stefan Romero

University of Glasgow Postgraduate Award, University of Glasgow - Art History

A multidisciplinary artist and researcher, Stefan is a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s BXA Intercollege Degree Program. Studying two distinct yet complementary disciplines – history and costume design – he became interested in exploring the sociopolitical ramifications of dress in traditionally underrepresented groups. As an undergraduate, Stefan conducted research and fabricated period garments utilizing traditional techniques at Colonial Williamsburg and the School of Historical Dress in London. For his thesis, he researched the sartorial narratives of 18th century runaway slaves in colonial America, receiving the John Hope Franklin Award for African American Scholarship and graduated with honours and Phi Beta Kappa. In the School of Drama, Stefan designed costumes for mainstage, black box, and film productions, and has since worked in the film and television industry in New York City. In Glasgow he will complete a Masters in Dress and Textile History, researching the politicization of dress in 18th-century Scotland and hopes to design a costume exhibit based on his findings. As an avid runner and artistic explorer, Stefan is excited to encounter Scotland’s sheep-inhabited terrain, remarkable architecture, and the vibrant creative community of Glasgow.