Simran Mohnani

Fulbright All Disciplines Postgraduate Award, MBA - Stanford University

Simran is a Chemical Engineer, Industry 4.0 Consultant, and Climate Intrapreneur driving the Net Zero transition across hard-to-abate sectors. Growing up as a Maltese-Indian, she has witnessed the effects of rising sea levels in the Mediterranean and the disproportionate impact on women’s education in times of catastrophe. As a brown, female engineer this has translated to working at the forefront of innovation in combatting our world’s biggest crisis – climate change – while in parallel advocating to close the gender STEM skills gap.

Since graduating from the University of Bath, she has worked in designing bioreactors for cultured meat, reducing waste at the Cadbury chocolate factory, and digitising COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing. Simran now leads Circular Economy Innovation for Deloitte UK, building green ventures with startups, industry and academia. Innovating across R&D, manufacturing and consulting has enabled her to see the extent to which UK engineering and business are entwined in scaling climate tech. Simran will be studying for her MBA at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business – with a focus on advancing CleanTech solutions through academic spinouts. She plans to work in impact investing before then starting her own female-focused deeptech fund.

Outside her role, Sim is passionate about empowering youth and intersectional voices for a just and equitable transition. She runs a diversity network across the UK, US and India as well as serving as a One Young World ambassador, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and UN Women volunteer in championing youth voices on climate action and educational access. She is a Stanford BOLD Fellow and Sainsbury Management Fellow, and is particularly excited about exploring the California dance scene as a Bollywood and Bhangra choreographer.