Shreya Tellur

Fulbright/University of Stirling Award in Health, Well-being and Sport

Shreya Tellur, of Greenville, SC, graduated with a BSc in Psychology from Clemson University. Shreya's passion for mental health research was catalyzed through her journey volunteering in diverse healthcare clinics in India, France, and the US.  
While at Clemson, Shreya had been part of different research projects understanding well-being factors and mental health stressors to contribute towards creating more comprehensive patient care. Specifically, her honors thesis focused on how diversity in the workplace impacts nurses’ job attitudes and burnout. Her work was chosen to be presented at the American Psychological Association conference.  
Outside of research, Shreya's passion to advocate for mental health had led her to create a Suicide Awareness advocacy program at Clemson University, and join Clemson Student Government to create awareness for mental health resources.  
While at the University of Stirling, Shreya aims to investigate the transition of behavior from the pre-pregnancy to pregnancy population in collaboration with NHS Scotland. Her goal is to to deepen understanding of physician diagnostic patterns, clinical guidelines, and cultural factors, vital for addressing policy implications.