Sayde Perry

Fulbright-University of Leicester Postgraduate Award - MPhil degree in Molecular Genetics

Sayde Perry grew up in Massachusetts, USA, Beijing, China, and Santiago, Chile. She has spent the past four years researching bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance and has just graduated in May 2022 with a degree in Molecular Biology from Pomona College.

As antibiotic resistance is becoming one of the world’s most pressing health concerns, Sayde is passionate about developing novel treatments for bacterial disease. Her undergraduate research culminated in a senior thesis project focused on how bacteriophages, or viruses that target bacteria, kill the bacteria that causes cholera. Through her Fulbright, Sayde will pursue a research-based MPhil degree in Molecular Genetics at the University of Leicester with Dr. Martha Clokie. She will research bacteriophages that target and kill the causative agents of urinary tract infections. With a natural curiosity about new places, new people, and new science, Sayde cannot wait to continue her education in the UK. Sayde is especially excited to foster thoughtful relationships between the USA and the UK, think globally about the antibiotic resistance crises, and to push bacteriophage research forward.