Sara Reed

Fulbright Distinguished Teacher, University of Strathclyde

Sara Reed is a social studies teacher at Lamoille Union High School, a small school in the mountains of Vermont. She has students ages 14-18 and teaches a wide variety of courses, including AP World History, AP Human Geography, and the History & Science of Mummification. She has a bachelor's degree from Williams College in Russian Studies with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies, and a master's degree from Johnson State University in Curriculum & Instruction. She loves to read, to explore archaeological sites, and has a passion for ancient church effigies. Sara will be researching modern slavery, examining descent-based slavery, debt bondage, forced labor, domestic servitude, and child slavery. She will also study the role that human trafficking plays in delivering people into slavery, and evaluate strategies for abolition. Sara intends to offer a modern slavery unit to all Vermont social studies teachers to broaden awareness of this horrific problem.