Sara Adkins

Queen Mary, University of London Postgraduate Award - Computer Science

Sara Adkins is a music technologist, guitarist and software engineer from Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2018 with an interdisciplinary bachelor's degree in music technology and computer science. Sara has spent the past three years working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Bose, developing deep learning models for speech enhancement and adaptive audio content for sleep. Sara is passionate about promoting the use of machine learning and AI in the creative arts. During her time at CMU, she premiered three electronic compositions that showcased collaboration between human performance and generative music algorithms. She plans to continue this line of research at Queen Mary's Center for Digital Music, developing software systems that generate music alongside musicians in real time to create artificially-intelligent “performance partners”. She is excited to work with local musicians in London, designing new interfaces that make algorithmic composition and generative music more accessible. Sara is also looking forward to playing guitar in Irish music sessions, exploring London by bicycle, and enjoying great tea.