Sammie Buzzard

Cardiff University - Global Challenges Teaching Award exploring climate change

Sammie Buzzard is a glaciologist and climate scientist, who works as a lecturer in climate science at Cardiff University, Wales. She holds a Master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Exeter and completed her PhD at the University of Reading during which she investigated the surface hydrology of Antarctica's ice shelves.

Her research interests including modelling how and where ice shelves may become vulnerable to sudden collapse due to melting on their surfaces. This is important in determining Antarctica's future contribution to global sea level. Her interests in the polar regions also extend to the surface hydrology of Greenland and snow and melt on Arctic sea ice.

Sammie is the International Arctic Sciences Committee 2020 cryosphere fellow and is also a fellow of the UK’s Software Sustainability Institute. She has a passion for science communication and regularly speaks at theatre shows targeted at teenagers, as well as in schools, museums and in various forms of media. She has a strong interest in increasing the diversity of those working and studying in STEM fields.