Saif Salim

Fulbright/Durham University Award

Saif graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Physics from Amherst College. Saif’s interest in philosophy and mathematics attracted him to research in fundamental physics. Plagued with questions about the nature of the universe, he found a passion for experiments that precisely controlled well-understood physics to uncover the signatures of undiscovered phenomena. 
He has advanced many experiments in fundamental physics using atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) techniques. His work has contributed to the world’s most precise measurement of the electron’s magnetic and electric dipole moments, which serve as some of the most sensitive probes of physics beyond our current understanding. At Amherst College, he wrote a senior honors thesis describing how to control a host of systematic effects in an experiment searching for a fifth fundamental force. His research experiences have resolved him to pursue a career as a professor to develop his passion for teaching. 
Outside the laboratory, Saif spends most of his time involved with jazz music. He is the music director of the Amherst College Zumbyes, a jazz-inspired acapella group with a penchant for mischief. He also serves as the President of Jazz@Amherst and plays piano in various small jazz ensembles.