Rose Peterschmidt

Fulbright-University of Sussex Postgraduate Award - master’s degree in Conflict, Security, and Development

Growing up in the rural Amish country of Pennsylvania, Rose Peterschmidt’s interest in international travel and study began with a childhood trip to the United Kingdom. She went on to graduate from Temple University Summa cum Laude with a dual degree in Global Security Studies and Spanish. Now, as a UK Fulbright awardee, she has the opportunity to continue her academic journey in the place where it all began.  

Peterschmidt will attend the University of Sussex to study for a master’s degree in Conflict, Security, and Development. There, with the support of Sussex’s globally renown International Development Studies Department, she will expand on her undergraduate research on the conflict between humanitarian and imperial impulses within US foreign aid policy.  She will comparatively analyze British and American approaches to foreign aid and the impact of hegemonic development practices in their respective recipient countries. 

Peterschmidt is very excited to be joining the Brighton community. In her free time, she loves to knit, read, and sing, and she is looking forward to joining the local 'knit & natter' group, as well as the community choir.