Rinat Gabitov

Lancaster University (STEM) Scholar Award, Lancaster University - Geochemistry

Rinat’s research interests lie in studying geological and environmental systems through analysing the chemical makeup of rocks and minerals, such as those found in cave deposits. Caves are carbonate archives that contain not only unvalued records on paleoclimate but also records on anthropogenic activity. He intends to combine his experience in experimental geochemistry with the environmental expertise of personnel at the Lancaster Environment Centre to conduct research on the development of the geochemical tool for reconstructing the industrial nitrate emissions. The Lancaster Environment Centre hosts a unique technique allowing the analysis of nitrogen in carbonate minerals. In the future, Rinat expects to further his Fulbright research project level by using a developed geochemical tool in performing the analysis of nitrogen in different cave samples from Europe and North America. Rinat will enjoy spending three months in UK by visiting castles, museums, and universities in Lancaster, Manchester, Leeds, and of course Liverpool, birthplace of the Beatles. He is especially looking forward to exploring on foot, which is not often possible in the USA.