Richie Adams

AC Member

Richie undertook a Fulbright policing scholarship in 2014 at George Mason University, Virginia when he was serving with Police Scotland. Richie had responsibility for the creation and delivery of the Code of Ethics for Policing in Scotland. He travelled America meeting officers and academics from different departments and federal agencies, learning about ethical approaches to US policing. This shaped his thinking and enhanced his work in Scotland. Richie’s Fulbright experience provided opportunities for collaboration with American colleagues. He continues to work with several policing organisations in areas including use of force and decision making. The Fulbright scholarship also gave Richie’s family an opportunity to experience American life. His children enjoyed American school and Richie joined a pipe band. Watching ice hockey became a family favourite. Now season ticket holders at Edinburgh’s ice hockey club, Richie and his family regularly chat about the great experiences they enjoyed and the memories made as a consequence of Fulbright.