Richard Bodek

University of Roehampton Scholar Award - History

Richard is a Professor of History at The College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina where he has taught since 1990.  His educational background includes a BA in Anthropology from The Johns Hopkins University and a PhD in History from The University of Michigan.  His academic research centers on the intersections of politics, society, and culture in Twentieth Century Europe.  He has published on Communist and Social Democratic theater and music in Berlin during the Weimar Republic, the writing of Stefan Heym, crime fiction, and science fiction.  While at Roehampton, Richard plans to finish his current book, Death in the Rubble: the Kusian Killings and the Reshaping of Postwar Berlin, which will be a microhistory of a once-infamous pair of murders that casts questions of gender, drug abuse, sanity, violence, and the black market in the years between the end of the Third Reich and the rise of the two postwar German states into sharp relief.