Renee Ormond

University of East Anglia Postgraduate Award, University of East Anglia - Development

I was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, and received a B.A. from Colorado State University in International Studies with a concentration in Latin American Studies. I first realized the importance of international relations when I served as a student ambassador to Zhenjiang, China in 2010. From there, my interest in international development and social justice grew, and I spent 2015-2019 working on community development projects in Colombia, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. I chose the University of East Anglia because it has one of the premier programs for international development in the world. I want to make an enduring impact through grassroots cooperation between individuals and international non-profits that build inclusive and equitable communities. At UEA I will acquire the tools to create more effective community development projects that maximize community benefit, while exploring intersectionality within development. Fulbright will give me the opportunity to dive into my studies while immersing myself in UK culture. In my spare time I love exploring local cuisine and spending time outdoors, hopefully accompanied by a good book!