Reade Ward

The Fulbright University of Exeter Summer Institute on Global Sustainability

Reade Ward lives in Chester, South Carolina, and just finished his sophomore year at Anderson University in South Carolina. Reade is studying Environmental Science, with a double minor in business and vocal performance. Reade looks forward to studying first-hand the agricultural differences between his own country upbringing and the farming practices in the UK.

Reade is passionate about fighting for Appalachian culture, an often overlooked sector of American history. Reade began bow hunting several years ago, and actively promotes sustainable hunting as an integral part of American history. By founding a fly fishing club at his university, and investing in the bluegrass community through his jaw harp and songwriting skills, Reade has fought to do his part in keeping classic Appalachian pastimes alive in a technology-driven generation. Reade also loves beekeeping, which he took up in 2015, growing to an operation of 25 hives in 2020.

Reade enjoys the outdoors, serving this year as president of Anderson's disc golf club, where he finished 89th in the country for D2 colleges last April at the college national championships. He also enjoys volleyball, playing right side for his men's club team. In addition to the academic experiences at Exeter, Reade is excited to befriend and converse with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Besides working in Alaska last summer as a deckhand on a fishing boat, Reade has never been far from home for an extended period of time, and is looking forward to learning from professors and other Summer Institutes participants at the University of Exeter