Rashmi Patel

All Disciplines Scholar Award, Harvard University - Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis

I am an academic psychiatrist based at King’s College London. I specialise in psychotic disorder research using digital healthcare data. Psychotic disorders cause enormous suffering for affected individuals and a key challenge is preventing relapse.

As a Fulbright scholar I will visit the Division of Digital Psychiatry at Harvard University to develop more accurate methods to predict relapse by analysing smartphone and electronic health record data using machine learning.

Psychosis is a serious mental disorder which affects up to 3% of people worldwide. I hope that my research will contribute towards more effective relapse prediction and better treatment outcomes and that my experience as a Fulbright Scholar will help to foster increased collaboration between the US and UK in mental health research.

I sang as a tenor choral scholar while studying Medicine and in my spare time I look forward to joining a choir to learn about US choral music.