Rana Thabata

UCL Institute of Education Postgraduate Award, UCL Institute of Education - Education

Rana is the daughter of two Palestinian immigrants and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. A Truman scholar, she graduated from Loyola University with degrees in political science and economics. There, she served in the student government, led a council that supported diverse organisations on campus, and explored inequality through the Jesuit lens of social justice with Ignacio Volunteers. Rana focused on implementing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives on campus and served as a diversity officer for a student run communications agency. New Orleans has been the laboratory for education reform in the United States and students have undoubtedly felt those consequences. She delved into school choice research and focused directly on how student performance data can inform policy. She has a passion for increasing access to public education. At the Institute of Education, she will study for an MA in Policy Studies in Education where she looks forward to analysing UK and US education policies, particularly as they relate to school choice models and accessibility. Outside of class, she looks forward to immersing herself in British tea culture and going to the London Central Mosque for Friday prayers.