Payton Ramsey

Cardiff University Postgraduate Award - Public Health

Ramsey graduated from the University of South Carolina with leadership distinction in diversity and social advocacy in 2021 with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. Beginning in 2018, she began volunteering at a free medical clinic in Columbia, South Carolina. Through this multi-year experience, she connected to many forced-migrants and refugees, many with more severe health conditions than other patients. Ramsey directly experienced the successes and failures of health systems and social support resources by hearing their stories and struggles, eventually propelling her to develop a passion to aid similar populations through the power of healthcare. In her honors thesis project, she put this passion into practice by conducting a comparative research study on the US and Wales in regard to refugee healthcare policy. At Cardiff University, she will pursue an MPH in conjunction with the DECIPHer Institute. Ramsey aims to conduct research that evaluates the relation of specific adversities faced by populations, such as the unique experiences involved in migratory processes and resettlement, to broader healthcare outcomes. As a future medical doctor, Ramsey hopes to apply the frameworks observed in Wales to bolster healthcare and health system improvement. Additionally, she looks forward to exploring the UK’s official “music city”.