Paul Roth

Fulbright-University of Manchester Distinguished Scholar Award (Humanities)

How does a philosopher who writes about historical explanation account for his intellectual journey that results in applying for and receiving a Fulbright fellowship. In short, a fortuitous set of events brought to Roth’s attention how his interest in the altered relation of the history and philosophy of science that occurs in the 20th century connects with how conceptions of logic have morphed in that time. Scholars at The University of Manchester pursue this very particular innovative and exciting work in the history of logic, and so it is off to Manchester he goes.  

Roth’s specific Fulbright project attempts to forge the hitherto untold story of how philosophy of history, philosophy of science, and philosophy of logic have mutually influenced and altered one another. The heart of the narrative concerns how logic, and especially the logic of science, has reshaped the logic of explanation, and so ultimately reconfigured what to count as a rational understanding of ourselves.