Omid Bagherli

All Disciplines Award, Tufts University - English

I recently completed my MA in English at the University of Bristol, where my thesis assessed the influences of nuclear imagery and the Cold War in the writing of Cormac McCarthy. Researching this period inspired me to focus my PhD on further exploring how post-war writing has reimagined the environment, especially in the era of big government and industry. This is exciting because my work at Tufts can contribute to critical, wider discussions around climate change, infrastructure and globalization. My vision is to push my research further into these important areas after my PhD.

I am originally from Woking, Surrey. After achieving a BA in English Literature, I worked in London's market research industry, helping to understand key changes in the Education and Media sectors. I have always been driven by learning new concepts and discussing the latest art, music and culture with people. I can't wait to get to Boston - to my mind the pre-eminent college town. Joining the Fulbright scheme will allow me to participate not only with the research groups hosted at Tufts, but also with Boston's lively intellectual milieu.