Omar Musbahi

Fulbright-Royal College of Surgeons of England - Harvard University

Omar Musbahi was a structural engineer prior to graduating from Barts and The London and the University of Oxford with medical and science degrees.  

He is currently an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow and Specialist Registrar in Trauma & Orthopaedics at Imperial College London combining surgical training with research interests in improving musculoskeletal patient outcomes. He has interests in data and engineering. During his time in surgical training, he developed an interest in improving the inefficiencies in healthcare services. 

As a Fulbright Royal College of Surgeons Scholar, Omar will spend time at Brigham & Women’s Hospital as part of Harvard Medical School to further understand the way routinely collected healthcare data is used to improve musculoskeletal patient pathways. In particular, he will focus on addressing the success of the US elective orthopaedic day surgery pathways and hopes to use this information to further improve NHS orthopaedic services.