Nwamaka Agbandje-Boyce

Postgraduate Award at Indiana University Maurer School of Law - LL.M.

Amaka is a born and bred Londoner who graduated with a degree in law from the University of Kent in 2021. With aspirations of becoming a barrister, Amaka has become fascinated with what she describes as "People Law". Compelled by her need to use her knowledge and experience to help others, she hopes to specialise in an area of law that features a very strong human and emotional element that will allow her to fulfil her role as a "legal linguist".

Truly dedicated to a career at the Bar and lawyerly skills, in the final year of her undergraduate studies, Amaka was elected into the role of Mistress of the Moots, in which she vowed to increase the level of advocacy opportunities available to her fellow law students. During her time in the United States, Amaka hopes to use what she has learnt on her LLM course to widen her expertise and become an all-around, well-versed lawyer in the years to come. She hopes this opportunity will open the doors for her to become dually qualified in the United Kingdom and the United States.